Dutch and Afrikaans (South African) for "tasty", but used incessantly by the cloggies to describe everything that could ever possibly be considered even marginally above mediocre. Despite this not leaving much wriggle room in Holland, they manage to use it all the same, since they don't know any better. Rumour has it that after visiting Belgium (or indeed any other country less flat than Holland), use of this term diminishes remarkably, except when talking /about/ Belgium. I wonder why.
Lekker eten (tasty food) - it's not
Lekker meidjes (pretty girls) - they're not unless you like 6' rugby-playing types
Lekker slaap (ZA) (sleep well) - you won't
Lekker weer (nice weather) - it's not
by Stoatman August 06, 2004
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(South African) sweet, as in delicacy.
((Slang) Verb) Elegantly Satiating, used in the same context as "Wicked" or "Awesome"
(Adjective) Elegantly Satiated.
I feel Lekker (on top of the world Content), this music is Lekker Awesome; He/she is a Lekker Oke ( (Person) Genuine Sincere)); Cold Beer on a hot, dry day is Lekker Gratifying;
by Intonation Zzz May 29, 2017
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SA slang meaning Big, Great, Large
Ya eh, that bakkie has lekker shiny Mags eh?
by Josha September 03, 2003
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"lekker" a word from the language Afrikaans in South Africa which means "delicious"
"lekker" is also South African slang, which in that case can mean: "Nice/Good/Great" or "Sexy/Hot"

The word "lekker" would be mostly followed with the word "Man". Not the English man, but Afrikaans man
Person: "That dish that I just ate, was lekker"

Person: "Man I just won 200 Rand"
Other Person: "Lekker man"

Girl: "Check out that dude, he's lekker man"
by RGFY January 02, 2019
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A phrase used by dutch cunts with trade funds or instabitches to sound street or hip.

Literally meaning tasty or delicious.

Also applies to your mom.
Oh mijn God dit is zoooo lekker.


JE MOEDER IS LEKKER you piece of shit.
by Naeb’dy February 06, 2019
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