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A rude way of saying go away to a person Verb
Person: I love Justin Bieber!
Me: Fuck off
by RGFY April 19, 2018
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"lekker" a word from the language Afrikaans in South Africa which means "delicious"
"lekker" is also South African slang, which in that case can mean: "Nice/Good/Great" or "Sexy/Hot"

The word "lekker" would be mostly followed with the word "Man". Not the English man, but Afrikaans man
Person: "That dish that I just ate, was lekker"

Person: "Man I just won 200 Rand"
Other Person: "Lekker man"

Girl: "Check out that dude, he's lekker man"
by RGFY January 2, 2019
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It's a genre of music, not people who dress in black and self harms.
Brad 1: What are you doing?
Brad 2: Listening to emo music
by RGFY April 19, 2018
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