As a SA survivor, I find it important to make sure I have good home security to make myself feel safe at home alone.
by itscandymalllory October 6, 2019
Abreviation of the website Something Awful
"Have you been on SA yesterday?"
Who you tryin get crazy with SA? Don't you know I'm loco?
by Will March 16, 2005
San Antonio, Texas. Home of the Spurs and Taco Cabana
homie1" hey holms, wut you gettin into this weekend?"
homie2" Just goin to SA with some of the homies
by el hefe April 2, 2006
Can be used as an adjective to mean socially acceptable or as a noun to mean social acceptability.

A well-liked individual, the epitome of cool
SA conversation
John: Yo dude! How's life treatin' you man? How was your weekend?
Jay: Pretty good. Just cheel'd with my bros. U?
John: Not much either. You gonna do anything fun for winter break?
Jay: Yea, I'ma go surfin' with the bros in Cali. Gotta get away from the cold weather. U no what I'm sayin'?
John: Yeah dude. Awesome. Live it up.
by jsmithsmith December 14, 2010
Abreviation for South Africa. A styling country on the Southern tip of Africa. Nelson Mandella is the man!!!
by Peter Dalglish December 2, 2003