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Legjob is similar to that of a footjob ,it involves using a womans legs, maingly her calf muscles to jerk a person to orgasm, the smooth and silky skin of the calfs are an added pleasure for the man.

Alternatively the woman can make a sandwhich with her legs and the man will insert his penis between the calves back and forth until he ejaculates.

The more atheltic the woman is the better the feeling against the cock since the calf muscles are defined and arouse the man even more!!!
Toms gf gave gim a legjob last night, he fucked her calves all night
by LegLover May 18, 2007
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performing a hand-job on someones leg, usually performed with both hands
she gave him a wicked leg-job
by hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. November 15, 2010
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