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When a girl ties you up and turns you on, but denies you from reaching orgasm.
She tied my wrists behind the back of the chair and tied my ankles to each front leg of the chair. She looked stunningly beautiful in her black nightgown. I was completely naked and my fully erect cock was throbbing in anticipation of what she would do next.

She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. She reached down with her hand and smiled as she began slowly stroking my cock while her face was inches from mine. She quickened her pace, stroking me rapidly. I was so close to cumming! But then, she suddenly stopped. She stood up straight, shook her head, wagged her finger at me, laughed, turned around, and walked out the bedroom door. She had left me tied and denied.
by GirlsTyingUpGuys March 7, 2022
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When a girl uses reverse psychology during sex to finish you off (make you reach orgasm) while she's riding you, stroking you, etc.

If you say "I'm gonna cum!" she may respond with a verbal "finisher" that includes reverse psychology
- "Not yet!"
- "No you're not!"
- "No! Don't cum yet!"
- "No! You're not allowed to cum!"
- "No! Just wait a little longer!"
- "No! Try to last a little bit longer!"
- "No! Wait until I tell you to cum!"
- "No! I didn't say you could!"
- “No! I don’t want you to cum!”
- “No! I won’t let you!”
- "No! I can't let you!"
- "You're cumming?! No, wait!"
- "Nooo! Nooo! Nooo!"
- “No you won’t!”
- “Oh no you don’t!”
- “Oh no! Oh no!”
- “Nooooooo!”
- “Wait! Wait!”
- “Already?!”
- “So soon?!”
- "Wait, you can't cum yet!"
- "You better not cum!"
- "You better hold it in!"
- "Only if I let you!”
- “Just try to hold it in, babe! Please! For me!”
- "You'll cum only if / when I say you can cum!"
- "I'm gonna punish you if you cum!"
- "You'll be sorry if you cum!"
- “I’ll never let you cum! Never!”
- “Not until I cum first!”
- “If you cum first, you lose!”
- “If you cum, I’ll leave you tied up here!”
- “If you cum, I’ll never untie you!“

Finisher (Reverse Psychology)
by GirlsTyingUpGuys November 27, 2022
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When a girl slides your cock in between her beautiful breasts. She stimulates you with the soft warmth of her breasts until you can’t resist anymore and explode in pleasure.
She shackled my wrists and ankles spread-eagle to her bedposts. She straddled me and leaned her face down close to mine. Her breasts, still covered by her bra, pressed against my chest. She kissed me passionately as I was bound and helpless.

She sat up straight and undid her bra from behind, tossing it aside. Her beautiful, voluptuous breasts sprang out as she looked down at me, smiling. She was still wearing her spandex yoga pants. The soft, silky texture felt great as it rubbed against my thighs.

She moved back towards my feet and then lowered herself down until her breasts enveloped my erect cock on either side. My entire body shook from the wonderful sensation of her soft, firm, and warm breasts touching my sensitive erection.

She raised her head up to look at me and smiled devilishly. She placed her hands on my abdomen and began sliding her body forward and back so that her breasts rubbed up and down my cock. She was facing me the entire time she did so.

I writhed against my binds as the pleasure built up inside me. I felt intense pressure rush through my cock and I cried out as I orgasmed with such intensity, spurting cum all over and in between her beautiful breasts.

When it was over, she got off of me and off of the bed. She walked towards the bedroom door and waved at me before walking out, still leaving me shackled to her bed. I couldn’t wait until the next breasts job.
by GirlsTyingUpGuys April 4, 2022
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When a girl ties you up during sex. Kinky, and a huge turn-on.
She stood on a chair as she used a silk scarf to tie my wrists to the horizontal rod hanging down from the ceiling. I was tied while standing up and completely naked. She was wearing a black tank top and panties, and her breasts were protruding right in front of my face as she tied me up.

Once she had finished tying me up, she got down from the chair and moved it out the way. She removed her panties and walked right up to me, pressing her breasts against my chest through her tank top and allowing my erect cock to graze her smooth thighs. I wanted to wrap my arms around her, but her scarf prevented my tied up hands from moving.

She jumped up to grab the rod with her own hands, and suspended herself before lowering her vagina onto my cock. She wrapped her legs around me after she trapped my cock inside of her. Using the ceiling rod as leverage, she rode herself up and down my cock, causing me to gasp in pleasure. She continued to ride me in this manner for a few minutes.

Finally, she squeezed my lower back with her legs and clamped down on my cock with all the strength that her vaginal muscles could muster. I cried out in pleasure as the pressure exploded through my balls and cock and I came with extreme force inside of her. It was the best tied up sex ever.
by GirlsTyingUpGuys March 3, 2022
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When a girl handcuffs you and proceeds to give you a blowjob.

She sat me down and had me put my hands behind the back of her chair. She walked behind me, and I felt something click around my wrists. I couldn’t move my hands anymore and realized that she had handcuffed me.
She walked back in front of me and got on her knees. She proceeded to remove my boxers and pulled them down to my ankles, causing my throbbing erection to spring out. She grabbed my shaft with one hand and enveloped my cock with her mouth.

I cried out as she did so, the pleasure was so overwhelming. She moved her head back and forth as she slid her mouth and tongue along my erection. My hands twitched helplessly against her cuffs as I was powerless to resist her, not that I wanted to even if I could.

I felt pleasure and pressure building up inside of me and knew that I wasn’t going to last much longer. The pressure overwhelmed my balls and cock and cum shot through my cock into her mouth. I felt my cock pulsing for what felt like an eternity as it released copious amounts of semen, and she swallowed all of it.

Once it was over, she slid my cock out of her mouth, got up, placed her hands on her hips, and stood in front of me triumphantly. She looked so good in her tank top and short shorts. I was still breathing heavily from the intense shock of the orgasm.

“Well,” she said, smirking “I hope your handcuffed blowjob was worth it. Because I’m leaving you here for the rest of the night.”

“Wait, what?!” I cried out. “Babe, please, no!”

But it was too late. She had already shut the door behind her.
by GirlsTyingUpGuys November 5, 2022
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When a girl rubs her soft, smooth legs against your cock, stimulating you to the point of orgasm.
She had me lie down naked on the bed. She tied my wrists and ankles spread-eagle to the bedposts with soft nylon rope. My cock became incredibly hard as she put me in a bound and helpless position, giving her full control over me. She looked great in her gray tank top and short shorts. Her shorts revealed her amazing, long, and sexy legs. Her quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves were beautifully toned.

She laid down perpendicular to me and stretched her legs out, placing them over my waist as she sat by my side on the bed. She placed one of her thighs on my cock, causing me to twitch in pleasure against the rope that held me down. Her thigh felt so firm, yet soft, as it stroked my cock. She then moved her leg towards her so that her calf rubbed against my cock as well. She made eye contact with me as she did, and smiled at me when I moaned in pleasure from her leg’s touch. She then switched to her other leg, stroking me back and forth from her thigh to her calf.

Finally, she pressed both of her legs together with my cock in between. She moved her legs forward and back, stroking my cock in between her calves and thighs. I felt a lot of pressure building up and flooding towards my cock and balls. She squeezed her legs together harder around my cock as she continued stroking it. It was too much. I cried out as the pressure exploded through my cock and sprayed cum onto her thighs, shins, and calves. It was an amazing leg job.
by GirlsTyingUpGuys February 28, 2022
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When a girl rubs her ass all over your cock while wearing shorts, preferably of a soft, pleasurable material, bringing you to orgasm.
She pushed me onto the bed, climbed on top of me and straddled my thighs. She leaned above my head and tied my wrists to the bars of the headboard with a red sash. She pulled down my underwear, revealing my giant, throbbing cock. She was wearing a white sports bra and silky, soft, white shorts. She slid forward along my body, placing her hands on my abdomen and my cock behind her shorts-clad butt. She slid her butt up and down my shaft.

The soft texture of her silky smooth shorts was incredibly stimulating as it slid along my cock. It was too much pleasure for me to handle. Intense pressure rushed through my cock as I sprayed copious amounts of cum, her ass and shorts still sliding up and down my shaft. She gave me an amazing shorts job.
by GirlsTyingUpGuys February 23, 2022
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