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The odd leftover day stuck to the end of a dreadful little month thereby extending the hell that is known as february ... a barren bundle of 28 dark and cold days. Often celebrated with potlucks and birthday parties for the often strange employee who was unfortunate enough to be born on this day.
me: "As a single, non-African American male who is not really excited about groundhogs or dead presidents, i am so happy that this month is finally over."
you: "Really? The every four year leap day festival potluck spread replete with all sorts of casseroles and jello dishes and topped off with a birthday cake for Warren from accounting doesn't have you tingling with excitement?"
by groundedsteve February 25, 2012
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the most awkward day of the year

leap day is february 29th, and it only appears on leap years, every 4 years
Leap Day is bad for those born on that day.
by XClausoX June 29, 2012
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29th of February. Leap day is a date that usually occurs every four years. This day is added to the calendar in leap year as a corrective measure, because the earth does not orbit around the sun in precisely 365 days.
Sometimes I wish I was born on Leap Day. I'd have the coolest birthday of all time since this day comes once in every 4 years.
by ember_moon2 February 29, 2012
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The day in February that is skipped every 4 years. (the 29th)People born on leap days will be very unfortunate like born in 2000 but only 3 or born in 1996 but only 4. Sad!!!!
The Leap DaY IS 29th is the skipped day in February.

Fred was 5 but be was born in 1992 on February 29th!!!!!
by Cat134576Bluesky February 29, 2012
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