An event where people bring a different dish each in order to create a complete meal. From the time when people would only eat stews. Each person would bring a bit of food to put in the stew.
Ricky was lucky at the potluck and got beef while unlucky Steve got a bit of frog.
by Maxwell Zyzzington III September 4, 2006
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A dinner where all attendees bring one dish to collectively make a complete meal.
This only works if all participants bring a dish. Not to be confused with a 'dinner party' where the host cooks the complete meal.

Bringing 'wine' to a potluck dinner doesn't count, you should BYOB to any event regardless. Yes, showing up to a Potluck dinner without a delicious food item to share makes you a douchebag.
Marcie: I'm so excited for tomorrow's potluck dinner! I spent hours at the market picking out all my fresh ingredients and I'm making my sauce completely from scratch with herbs I've been growing myself for months. Oh, and I raised, slaughtered and plucked the chicken I'm using myself too.
Linus: What's Charlie Brown bringing to tomorrow's potluck?
Peppermint Patty: I think he said he was just bringing a bottle of wine.
Linus: What a douche, that's such a cop-out.
by SillyEm January 30, 2014
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n. a large gathering of stoners where each person brings a different strain of marijuana to smoke and share amongst each other.
"Hey man did you go to the potluck at Jeff's on Saturday?"

"Yeah man this one guy brought Panama Red!"
by Billy Brightside February 9, 2008
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At an arranged sex party, each person brings their own sex toy and share it with all their friends, while engaging in hardcore sex.
"Anal plugs"
"Anal Beads"
"Electric Toothbrush"
-all at the same potluck orgy
by Horny_Bastard 87 May 4, 2009
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Potluck/Potlucker --A blowjob/Oral Sex/ sex with someone your barely know. Its like going to a potluck you never know what you might end up with something that is just down right nasty.
Betty ::: I cant believe she mounted him she didnt even know him what a potlucker!
by Wednesday Potlucker January 30, 2012
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Having a friend that is unnaturally blown up on weed ALL THE TIME, I say he's having a potluck when he goes out to his truck and comes back in with marijuana he found but forgot he had.
"Maaan, I went out to my car for a lighter and I found some purple!"
"Yup, that's a potluck for ya."
by Jill A. January 30, 2009
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Doing three or more different types of "medication" in one night.
Everyone was potlucking at POP
by Keroppi - Lone Wolf June 14, 2010
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