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An event where people bring a different dish each in order to create a complete meal. From the time when people would only eat stews. Each person would bring a bit of food to put in the stew.
Ricky was lucky at the potluck and got beef while unlucky Steve got a bit of frog.
by Maxwell Zyzzington III September 04, 2006
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A real dirty sexual activity which involves a woman lying on her back while a man or other woman kneels over her and aims their shit into either her mouth or pussy. So called pot luck because of the element of chance involved in actually aiming right
guy 1: dude i pot lucked this girl last night and missed
guy 2: thats sick man, u should be deported
by sam osborne October 23, 2007
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n. a large gathering of stoners where each person brings a different strain of marijuana to smoke and share amongst each other.
"Hey man did you go to the potluck at Jeff's on Saturday?"

"Yeah man this one guy brought Panama Red!"
by Billy Brightside February 08, 2008
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pot luck= a term used for a dinner that is made up of many differentiating parts of the meal.each person at the meal brings a dish. most are a "caserole", "hotdish",or "____salad".then there is a variety of "bars" and "brownies" for desert. the term pot luck comes from a time when the first potluck was used to poison the king. each person who brought a dish put it on the kings table,one which was poisonous. hence the word pot "luck". the luck of the draw....does the king live or die....he died
the dinner was potluck...every body died...errrr mmmm potatoe saaaaalaaaadddd!
by ali B April 15, 2004
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When you experience very good luck while smoking pot. Or when you find yourself in lucky situations involving pot. (Sometimes enhanced by knocking on wood)
"Dude I've been out for a week and I just found a whole nug in my purse!"

Airing out your car right as you're getting pulled over...and getting away with it.

Buying a half and getting an ounce.

"Dude I had major pot luck before driving through a checkpoint today."

"My friend Chelsea has the best pot luck, I swear."
by Mr&MrsStarnsington June 30, 2013
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A suggested meal from mothers nation wide.

The best solution of answering child or spouse when asked whats for dinner.

Refers to.... Grab a pot a good luck.
Child-"Mom, what are we having for dinner."

Mom-"I don't feel like cooking, so it looks like your having pot luck."
by urlilcrazybitch2 June 28, 2009
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When you find the Pot you hid after a heavy smoking session, but days later. Alternative "co-definition" - found Pot is, for karmic reasons, supposed to be shared in a “Pot Luck” session (preferably w/ the group you were smoking with when the stashed pot was misplaced, to "close the circle")
Kyle found the missing Bud stashed in a cereal box on Tuesday. (We're all invited over for a "Pot Luck" later.)
by PhilipH-OR May 21, 2009
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