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A German/Dutch name given to a beautiful human being. It is Hard to find a Laven so beautiful, innocent and pure around the world so if you find a girl like her consider yourself lucky af. Her body so fine looking like a model. She listens to weird ass songs but don,t care about what people thinking. And she is addicted to hash browns in the cafeteria in school.
Dawn,Helen,Malii and saffy are jealous of that girl. Wow that must be a laven
by Lavennnnn June 11, 2018
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A kid who wishes hsi penis was large, but in fact, it is so small that his horny father mistook it for a vegina, and then he got beat on all night long.
Man thats small, you must be Laven.
by A Guy February 08, 2005
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the coolest kid on earth who ahs a big russian wang which is 42 inches long(circumcised) he also loves the cougar pussy
laven has a huge cock that means we should all obey the laven or else he'll cock slap us
by lavender January 31, 2005
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One of the finest people you can ever meet. He is extremely trustable and will be by your side always. He is also very hot and sexy with a huge d*ck, but you don't gotta worry coz he'll always be yours. But he always has a dark side too: if you cheat on him or do something to anger him, he'll destroy you in a way you can't dream of.
WOW that guy is so sexy... Just like Laven.
by Naabighhasban October 14, 2018
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A Gay Faggot Who No One Likes and Very Sense less to other people, including his awesome sister Kayliegh : ) He is very dumb and doesnt have friends 'nor a girlfriend
Laven : "Yo, That Guys Is So Hot"
Girl 1 : "Im your girlfriend!"

Laven : "Sorry I didn't tell gay...
by flying chicken nuggets 101 October 09, 2018
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