adj. A word that can be used at any time in any situation for any meaning. (Created my Mike Super)
This blanket is very lavenous. This water is lavenous. That smell is lavenous.
by Irmagarde May 1, 2006
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1.) having or demonstrating a lavenous quality. 2.) A SUPER pseudo word fundamentally at odds with non-laveousness.
3.) Used to identify individuals possessing a nature or special level of intelligence that allows one to feign understanding of, or agreement with, absolutely any word that is presented with conviction. (This word was created by Mike Super)
Mike Super is a lavenous magician!
by Lavenous Lisa May 26, 2007
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the name Laven is of kurdish origin and means “precious, loved one” , the name is given mostly to girls. Laven’s are hard to find (literally, because there’s barely anyone called laven). They are also over thinkers and lazy but always end up achieving what they want in the end. Laven’s will spoil you with food and gifts and are the mum of the group. she is a loving and caring person, don’t let a laven go. they are rare and hard to find .
person 1 : “hey, have you met laven? she’s so caring and sweet”
person 2: obviously duh, she’s laven!
by Lavennnnn July 31, 2020
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Hey Laven!”

“ “

by SomeRandoTbh April 10, 2021
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A Gay Faggot Who No One Likes and Very Sense less to other people, including his awesome sister Kayliegh : ) He is very dumb and doesnt have friends 'nor a girlfriend
Laven : "Yo, That Guys Is So Hot"
Girl 1 : "Im your girlfriend!"

Laven : "Sorry I didn't tell gay...
by flying chicken nuggets 101 October 10, 2018
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A girl who is always ready to have fun she might not be the hottest but still has confidence and is always twerking no matter what
I wish laven would stop twerking
by Dirty minded March 26, 2018
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