the smallest particle of matter, contains protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and neutrons are contained in the nucleus while the electrons revolve around the nucleus at immense speeds
by CorrodedBeing December 18, 2004
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Coolest dude ever. Super sexy and smart as shit. Atom is super unique just like his name. Only bad asses are named Atom.
Atom is such a cool dude.
by Ktmarie3 December 23, 2016
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-I just made a huge one-word-I-love-you word
- what??
- just say Atom man
- okan
by AlexanderTheG February 17, 2021
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A man from Wenatchee Washington who says he was inspired by his 2nd extraterrestrial encounter to make himself the World's nuclear diplomat. He was radio host of an international hip-hop radio show called: The Radioactive Dinnertime Fallout Shelter (RFDS) on 89.3 KUGS FM in Bellingham from 2000-2002. He read the first version of The Constitution of Earth on the last day and wrote 36 new amendments for the US constitution. He made a new language in music called voodoo often heard in freestyle rap sessions. Author of the The Bomb Rules for the game of chess and martial arts expert. A burn artist. Also known for his lyricism, beat box and ripping guitar solos. A schizophrenic man with black cats and girl problems.
by AtomicGOD February 08, 2010
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Atom (the name Atom for a human being) is an outgoing dude, only plays sports with rackets. Particular about wearing colorful button ups and crocks. He’s in touch with his feminine side while still being masculine.

Ex: he works in lash Beaty store “imagine all the girls I meet there bruh”
Doesn’t want to lose money on a sale and will put u in the friend zone. Buy him McDonald’s and maybe weed and you will be his best friend.
Tracy: “did you see (Atom) today?”
May: “yeah, his crocs got me feeling some kind of way
by Rictorgalapidous May 07, 2019
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