The combination of Red Drank, Soggy waffle, Canadian butter-churn style toast, and an Alaskan pipeline Popsicle, all eaten as one fabulous meal.
you want a last supper?

oh god no...
by poopbuttass April 25, 2011
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The last supper is when you break up with a guy who unfortunately if amazing at oral sex but a flop in so many other ways,, but you get one more paralyzing bout of oral sex before you tell him its over..of course you also do not fuck him..thats just wrong and selfish...maybe
Yah i had to let Jay go last night but i made sure he had a last supper on my bill..hey hes talented..
by DaynaS February 27, 2008
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The final act of a women's bachelorette party, when all the male strippers surround the women, and proceed to gangbang her.
Groom: Honey, are you alright?
Bride: Yeah, my body's just sore
Groom: How come?
Bride: That last supper went on for hours!
by Sir Dro May 19, 2014
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Great Movie about a bunch of Liberals living together. From what I
recall about the movie I shall compose the Greatest Definition.
Please forgive my lasps in recalling the lesser details of the movie as this is the basic jist of it all

Movie starts with a typical rich kid named Pete getting picked up by
typical neo-nazi with commedations from former military service to
America. :) Typical lover of his country, and natually southern, he
hates all things places and people not pale and angry.

Rich Kid Pete invites the nazi to dinner, where his Liberal friends,
Luke, Marc, Jude, and Paulie are, and he goes all crazy and bigoted, or
normal as nazi standards go. He then holds a Jew (Marc) hostage to make
his point, meanwhilst explaining "liberals r floppyarm sissie they
don't do nuthin'"(to paraphrase), which later on the group decides, is
the Most Intelligent Thing Said EVER, and guides the rest of their
lives. Then, Rich Kid, the Arguably most conservative of the group
(centrist,whatever) intervenes and tries to intimidate the Fascist with
a weapon. After this he breaks the rich kid's arm as is predicted. So,
the Jewish guy comes and stabs him to death. So it begins.

The left-wing household decide to kill conservatives if they disagree
with them by poison, which they do former, and they do latter. The
first is a reverend who explains to them that the AIDS epidemic is
greatly a consequence of promiscuous homosexual sex between multiple
partners. Realizing there is absolutely no logic whatsoever in that
statement, they poison him to make the world a better place. The next
deserving victim is a chauvinist who believes that he should be able to
rape people. Their ideal liberal world cannot tolerate such
conservatism so, they kill him because this is well-known Right Wing
doctrine, adding so much more to the satirical point of the story. After
that a cop comes asking about a missing person, then the story resumes.

Another point for a better world is won in the death of an
anti-abortionist. To paraphrase the encounter: After hearing her
incredibly preposterous, bigoted argument, that Being that abortion of
the unborn makings of a human being dehumanizes people to the respect,
treatment, and/or very definition of human life, in the mere exchange
for a worriless consequence-free status quo in ones existence is a
dangerously evil proposition, they decide this fool must die, so they
kill her to raise delicious tomatoes. (Paraphrase) The cops then find
Pete's car or something, which had a gun in it. He has a time
explaining to them why a "so-far-left" liberal owns a murderstick, then
the story resumes, if I do recall.

The next guest is an irate Black Muslim of the loving, sensible, Malcom
X, Huey P. variety. His hatred of other religions and races is no
longer tolerable to the sophisticated group's liberal "better world"
agenda since it had past its expiration date in 1975. So they decide to
purge themselves of this blemish to " like, grow some flowers
maaaaaan." Shortly afterwards they take out a man that hates homeless
people and doesn't do anything but sit at home complaining about how
lame the world is, coming up with elaborate, ego-stroking hate-led
schemes that will somehow improve the future, instead of doing anything
substantial. Realizing he is potentially easy to swag to their side
with some firm discussion, they get nervous and poison him. Next they
murder a man who is too caught up with his life to care about spotted
owls or CO2 emissions. An evolutionist, his cold, yet somehow sensible
logic is overpowered by their murderous wrathful love for animal's
complex feelings. They take him out.

Ater that some cops do some stuff, shortly after a female sheriff stops
by, and they decide to stab a librarian until she dies because she
didn't think "Catcher in the Rye", a profanity-filled book about a
prostute-soliciting insane person that wants to save children by
catching them unsupervised in a grainfield, is not the best book ever
written. After this, they invite a young woman named Erin to the house
who believes that family values such as having a "nuclear family" with
family values is more important than learning about using condoms when
committing to fornication in school. Shes as good as dead until one of
them has an illogical thought and lets her get away. Then Jude kills
the Privacy-Hating Orwellian sheriff for snooping around their "special

After that some of the group find the future President of America, Dr.
Arbuthnot, who is basically Bill O'Reilly satired, and invite him to
dinner. Not long after they almost shoot each other because the force
is strong with him. He then poisons them all and fulfills his
destiny of becoming President and starting WW3. Ironic? You decide! The End. Apologies for sp errors as I'm too busy to correct, hope my comments amuse you as this is what I got from the movie.
Last Supper, Its a movie, watch it!
by Premier222 July 10, 2008
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