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Lasha is the most beautiful girl you can ever meet . She was born to shine. She loves to help others.sometimes she makes bad decision. Although she can sometimes be rude . Her smile is gorgeous.
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The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
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Lasha means best Mom. If your Moms name is Lasha you need to thank her for giveing birth to you. Because now you are legendary. The children of a Lasha are usually accomplish alot. Lasha needs to be thanked. Because she never gave up no matter what hard time she was going to... Thank a Lasha today.
Wow she is such a lasha.
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Lasha is a person that will beat your ass if you're rude to her son, Colin.
"Oh no, here comes lasha!"
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by poster1234 September 24, 2019
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Most hilarious person you will ever meet. Sweet, kind, of course funny, and cute, although he might admit to none of those things. Unbelievably caring and willing to stand up for what he believes in, stick up for friends/girlfriend, and not afraid to just have fun no matter what anyone thinks. Very intelligent, sometimes even thinks too much into things. man that always makes you feel special. He is charming, interesting, clever and so funny... He is also a flirt and a bit of a tease and gets a kick out of girls getting jealous of each other over him. Lasha is sweet, thoughtful, generous and respectful to all people. He has a beautiful singing voice and he frequently uses it like a tool to get women in into bed, and it works...sings like a dream. The best thing about Lasha is that he is not afraid to be himself, uninhibited and open...he tells you like it is, a total turn on! This guy is addicting...

He is the Sexiest man alive; knows how to cheer a girl up when they are having a bad day; can make you laugh at everything; serious but also can be wild and crazy; always wants what is best for the people he cares about most; gets along with almost everyone; is not afraid to be himself; is the sweetest man you will ever meet, you'll love him to pieces as soon as you meet him.
1.I just met my "Lasha". He is the man of my dreams.
2.You met Lasha? I don't believe you, that kind of men don't exist anymore.
by BestMen June 19, 2018
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A girl who doesnt know if that was a question or a declaritive statement.
I ahve to include the word "Lasha" In the example.
by Love_Said_No August 23, 2008
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A girl who is a most excellent memer. Very meme, much yes. Lasha is very pretty and hella cool. She wil be the most amazing best friend to anyone who gives any time to a lasha.
Guy 1: guy who that?
Guy Fieri: Yo my guy being a dude, thats Lasha, she's cool as heckin heck
guy 1: w o w
by fallisgone March 30, 2018
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