A Baroness sympathizer. Quoted as being a "degenerate piece of filth," and "the third and final Antichrist." An evil, evil man who will bring about the apocalypse. In the future he becomes the High Chaplain of Interstellar War. Arguably his worst crime is his bad rapping. "No other human in history was responsible for more death and suffering." - Dirk
TT: Ever hear of Guy Fieri?

GT: No?

GT: I dont think so.

TT: You're fortunate then.
by Ironically Anonymous August 3, 2013
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Guy Fieri is the host of about a half dozen shows on Food Network. This isn't even his birth name. He was born Guy Ferry (not even joking) and subsequently changed his name, no doubt because of the ridicule he deservingly recieved while growing up. He is the embodiment of douchebag. This poor excuse for a man dons bleach blonde hair, some ridiculous facial hair growth, sweat bands on his ams, earrings, sun glasses on the back of his head, and a bunch of other assorted jewelery. There is no bigger tool living or deceased.
Guy Fieri makes my stomoch turn. Why the hell did Food network give that dip shit so many shows?
by snickelfitch November 10, 2008
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1. A crappy chef on the Food Network
2. A lesbian-ish looking man.
1. That Guy Fieri recipe was shit!
2. Wow. Look at that Guy Fieri. He looks very dykey with his bleached spiked haircut, fatness, and bowling shirts.
by doucherpenguinpants August 8, 2009
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When someone farts in your mouth while cumming and say “welcome to flavortown”.
Camille “I was with Guy last night and he Guy Fieri’d me; it was amazing!”
by THATEGGYDICKBOI April 23, 2020
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To dress, talk and act as if one were still living in 1997. Guy Fieris usually adorn bleached-hair, baggy clothing, jewelry and sweatbands on their forearms.
Jim *to a random girl*: "Ma'am, your ass is outta bounds!"
Michael: "Ignore him, he's just a Guy Fieri"
by neineinein329 June 26, 2015
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if you call guy fieri a loser or a crappy chef you can burn in the flames of his shirt. guy fieri is my daddi and you know deep down inside you he is yours too. welcome to flavortown bitch. GUY IS LOVE GUY IS LIFE.
Guy Fieri is daddi and you know it
by guyisdaddi101 December 31, 2016
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When you get cum in your hair making it look blonde and spiky.
by Sir-sonsa-lot April 11, 2022
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