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lard-ass n. A person who is not only useless, but also weighs a rediculous amount. Lard-asses usually eat Taco Bell three times a day with a Burger King snack in between, and food is always purchased with someone else's money. Other characteristics of a lard-ass include, but are not limited to: greasy skin, dull personality, lack of motivation, self-centered, and posess the ability to suck the life and finances out of those around him/her.
Cheryl is such a worthless lard-ass that when her ex-husband was being arrested, all she could think about was getting food from Del Taco.
by Lipgloss Arsonist October 05, 2005
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a fat person, someone who eats a lot, wide-load
my friends lardass girlfriend ate my house.
by Xr4Y October 27, 2004
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1. Someone who is fat, lazy or stupid.

2. Someone who eats large amounts of food.

3. Someone who has a fat ass.
Marisa eats so much, she's such a lard-ass!
by MSF69 March 25, 2007
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An extremely fat kid that refuses to go on a diet and stop playing World of Warcraft.
Cries alot when left out of everything.
Hated by everyone because hes a fatass ninja..
"Lardass will never get a group again after we post this on the forums"
"In the name of France I Conquer this bread"
"Hunters deserve melee weapons like rogues"
"Hunters are useful group members"
by Durgenburger June 04, 2005
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A person not only of immenseweight, but lazyness to match, one who's exercise consist of darts,and bowling.
Mike Hoffer,Ed Grabinski
by Jer Kremski January 25, 2005
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Someone who eats everyone elses food. Cant help themselves but to be fat and ugly. Mating call is Bum Babba Bum Babba Bum.
Hey, yo dude did you see that kid! he ate all the food out of the cabinate! What a Lard-Ass!!!

Yea i heard his name is Quahmir
by DR. Thang November 11, 2012
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