being in a situation, especially one of a social nature, that is difficult and seemingly impossible to get out of.
Holly: "Damn, this party is lame. I so wanna leave here like right now, but I don't wanna be rude to Kristin either, she's still a great friend. Ugghhhh.... I just KNEW we should have planned an exit strategy, huh?"

Jenn: "For sure, especially since the bash that Terri's having would be WAY more off the chimney no doubt. It sure sucks to be land-locked like this!"
by Holly August 15, 2006
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Being unable to move for fear of someone seeing your erection
Hey Randy, want to go get some cheeseburgers?

I'm pretty land-locked right now, give me about 5 minutes.
by Melvin the Window Licker March 8, 2014
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1. When a girl takes one hand and puts it between her legs from the front and takes the other hand and puts it between her legs from the back and then proceeds to masterbate.

2. A man, or another woman, can also do this same procedure as a form of foreplay.
My buddy and I took home a chic from The Lodge and were land-locking her all night.
by FILTH78 July 19, 2010
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(verb) also: double land-locking Tower Bridge, but with an extra layer.
K: hey bruh, did you get double land-locked yesterday?
J: yeah man, still a bit sore.
by William Shafner November 15, 2017
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