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An expression and/or word used when referring to something unpleasant.
So I was out at The Lodge on a Sunday night all jacking up on some skank. For some reason she wouldn't put out when I flexed my biceps through my Affliction shirt. It doesn't matter, she looked all salamander foreskin anyways with her rotted out hair, cracky teeth and tits smelling like Jewel's meat department.
by FILTH78 April 06, 2011

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A fat chic, or a chic with a GUNT/FUPA, acting all cunty.
I was trolling The Lodge on a Fat Friday night at ran into some fatties drinking pink fish bowls. I stirred up a conversation with them and they were very rude and kept laughing and spilling their drink. They wanted me to show them my underwear; I refused. They were acting very GUNTY.
by FILTH78 February 12, 2011

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1. When a girl takes one hand and puts it between her legs from the front and takes the other hand and puts it between her legs from the back and then proceeds to masterbate.

2. A man, or another woman, can also do this same procedure as a form of foreplay.
My buddy and I took home a chic from The Lodge and were land-locking her all night.
by FILTH78 July 19, 2010

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