1. A landed Scottish landowner
2. A British (us. Scottish or Irish) man used as a sex toy by a woman
1. The laird has many servants to tend to his estate.
2. Laird, give me more sex!
by Anonymous May 23, 2004
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1. a sex toy most commonly used by "blacks" in prison.
2. one who can satisfy an elephant orally.
3. a blackmans cock ring
4. faggot
5. fishin' weight
said with a deep ghetto draw " where my laird at bitch "
by ass masterson August 13, 2006
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A ghetto man that spends much time painting very good paint schemes and often facedesks himself into concussed stages.
Laird was painting a car when bs55 said something, Laird facedesked and concussed himself.
by Copefan08 July 24, 2011
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100 Canadian Dollars.
. .
Because Brown has Laird on it.
Victorian: How much did you pay for those Olympics then?
Vancouverite: Dunno. Coup Laird?
Victorian: Bitch.
Vancouverite: *sniffle*
by anomalousvikingninja September 01, 2009
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An underground mixed martial artist born on August 7th 1986 raised in Deer Park New york. He has tried to make his life better as he came from difficult roots and is continuing his fight to better himself and those around him.
"Laird is on his way get him a 12 pack stat"
by Tiffaroo January 13, 2008
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A saliva and sweat machine; one with a pedantic obsesion with signs and chalkboards.
Gillian: Hey Lauren, w... why are you drenched in SPIT?!?

Lauren: Well, I forgot my umbrella and sat too close to the Laird!!!

Gillian: Aww.
by SprocketTalker October 03, 2009
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