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1) the incessant need to declare that those who disagree with you much be given a Label-- such as Racist, Sexist, Misogynist, Bigot, etc.

2) attempts to shut down political discourse (or to villify one's opponents) by assigning them with disparaging labels.
It was hard to carry on a conversation with him; instead of good arguments, he could only respond with labelism and ad hominem attacks.
by FasterHalibut November 11, 2016
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The act of judging people by the labels of their clothes.
Here are a few examples of labelism:
1(in Abercrombie): I'm so classy.
2 (in Hollister): Me, too.
3 (in American Eagle): Don't forget me.
1: We all rock!
4 (in Aeropostale): Hey, I'm classy, too!
1: You wish, you wannabe!
2: Yeah, Loser!
5 (in Wal-Mart clothes): I'm pretty classy myself.
1: Eeeeeeeeew! Get away! You're poor!
2,3, and 4: Gross! White Trash! Nasty!
5: Whatever, you label whores!
by The Right Arm of Voltron December 17, 2006
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