when you have so much bad emotion for something,(ex: hate love fear etc.)and you dont know what to do with it,you inflict physical pain on your self so you can justify/and help your mind extinguish where this hurt you are feeling, is comming from. (this is also known as cutting/or cutting your slef.
1.this chick went through depression cause all of the bad shit in her life, so she gave her mind ease, and reason for her emotions and slit her wrists.

2.don't slit your wrists please!!!
by uDONTknowME... September 16, 2005
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A action a person takes when depressed or feeling an extream emotion. Usually used with the term 'emo'(short for emotional), the person is usually seeking attention from friends and/or adults-though not always. The action is a act of masochistism. Slitting your wrists is very harmful and can cause vital injury or suicidal occurances.
B: To slit your wrists is a act of masochistim, or an attempt of slicing your median vain(main nerve).
by __-SadisticlySurreal-__ November 29, 2006
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-when someone is being overly stupid
-when someone states something retarded
-the following phrase after telling someone that they suck at life (you suck at life)
2cool4school: having rap battles over the internet is rad
Badiali 187: ?? dude you suck at life.. slit your wrists
by Nicole March 29, 2004
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