A sound effect used for any type of motion , action or for anything in general that requires a sound effect. Interchangeable with Ka-Kung!
Jp threw a knife and I went "KUNG" and deflected it.
by Luis February 21, 2005
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A man who will slap you in the face so hard that your unborn children wil feel it. noun, verb.
"If you don't give me my twenty dollahs I will kung you so hard yo momma will feel it."
by ceas October 1, 2007
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To cause damage to something or someone (esp. maliciously).
Mate I just totally kunged my car.
Dude shut the fuck up before I kung ya!
by Greenhenry July 5, 2007
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The less flavorful, greasier component in "kung pao" Chinese dishes.
Don't go to the $1/scoop restaurant. Their kung pao chicken is all kung and no pao.
by Glen Black May 13, 2008
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1. getting way more drunk than intended because of a friend's influence
2. going out for 1 drink but ending up closing the bar
3. an unintentional bad judgement call
I went out to brunch with some friends started drinking, next thing I know its 2 am and I'm getting thrown out a bar. I totally got Kunged.
by notkung August 26, 2011
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1. The closest way to say lol in the Korean Language, however, it can also be used variously and can mean bitch, lmao, rip etc. etc.
by Kungs February 8, 2017
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