Krabby is a water type pokémon from the Pokémon series.

In the episode Mystery At The Lighthouse, Ash Ketchum captures a Krabby on the beach and it later evolves into the stronger Kingler pokémon. Krabby can also be captured in most pokémon games.
Krabby Stats:

Type: Water
Height: 1 ft 4 inch
Weight: 14.30lb
by Vorhees July 19, 2006
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A burger, that Spongebob makes. And Squidward secretly likes.
"You like Krabby Patty don't you, Squidward?"
by Miku326 January 3, 2009
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Burgers made at the Krusty Krab. Squidward calls it a "disgusting excuse for a sandwich."
SpongeBob can make 1,000 Krabby Patties per hour.
by Master Tonberry December 10, 2004
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When you get some hood rat so wet, you throw her nasty unnderwear on the floor and they dry up, creating a "Krabby patty" on the floor.
Don't fuck that bitch, she will make a krabby patty!
by Popit Chopit January 25, 2017
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1) parents call their children this when the child is being grumpy. I find it annoying.

2) the object on spongebob that plankton is always trying to get. he always fails, I say just give up.
1) "quit being such a krabby patty."
"shut up mom."

2) "curse you mr. krabbs!"
by butterflier95 March 20, 2010
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