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A cartoon about five animals teaming up to save their people. What a classic.
Baby: I luv Kingdom Force11!!11!

Teenager: What
by WhoHatesHandlesThatAlreadyUsed February 17, 2021
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Gacha heat is stupid and whoever’s makes it goes to h*ll, DON’T HESITATE JUST GO

If you actually don’t know what it is, it’s NSFW. They show human wolf or nekos making out. DUDE WHAT THE F*CK ITS A KIDS GAME. Examples are like Tentacle Locker and Voodoo Doll. But don’t just dislike every video you see about them, they could have twists that make the video kid-friendly. If you see an unpopular (less than 1K subs) gacha tuber that has an inappropriate thumbnail and the title says “Gacha Heat” DUDE REPORT IT DON’T EVEN WATCH IT GET A MACHINE GUN AND SHOOT IT WITH KAJILLIONS OF BULLETS!!!!
If you make Gacha Heat, I will find you 🔫 凸^-^凸 🔪
(This is a joke, please don’t take it seriously)
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Hello. Program speaking. I have some bad news. Actually, there is no definition. Why? I thought it was crystal clear! BECAUSE THERE IS NO GAME!!! You’re still here? Well I told you the game- I mean non-game doesn’t exist. It’s not made by a super lame developer called “Draw Me A Pixel”. It’s not like it’s a winner of an old 2015 jam that nobody ever heard of. And not played by millions of people in the world. And it DEFINITELY doesn’t have any goats in it. It’s free, which is a problem if you ask for a refund. So, there is no definition. HEY! What did you say? You wanted to play it? NO! And you are NOT going to play the sequel too, right?! It’s NOT called “There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension”. That’s a LAME name. Well, goodbye user. Have no fun.
Person 1: Have you played There Is No Game: Jam Edition 2015?

Person 2: Yeah, I have!

Person 1: How did you like it?

Person 2: Sorry I can’t tell you, because There Is No Game.
by WhoHatesHandlesThatAlreadyUsed February 16, 2021
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Stuff that adults do. Please don’t do it in public it’s DISTUSTANG
Make out in public and I will find you ^U^
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That’s the website’s name, how do you not even know this ._.
Person 1: Have you heard of urban dictionary? It’s informative yet funny!

Person 2: What in the world, man. I don’t even know you.

Person 1: Because I’m an ad!
by WhoHatesHandlesThatAlreadyUsed February 13, 2021
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