A phrase used to describe an ex-girlfriend who made it a point to throw your life into a tailspin while continuing to be a slut or whore. Usually go by the name Kim or Jenna. Should be used as one word (fuckthatbitch).
Yo dude what happened with that girl?
- Dude, Fuck that bitch.
by Rob Dizzle August 19, 2006
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A phrase used that suggests that a friend should try to have sex with a girl. Because she:

1. looks good
2. appears to be intrested.
3. is a slut
Damn dog! That girl looks good and she was all up on you, you better "fuck that bitch."
by freddyjackson July 11, 2006
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something one yells/whisper when you are stuck in a bad situation, or surprised in a bad way
teacher: kids there is a surprise test today
kids: FUCK-a-BITCh!!!!!!
by crazzzycatttladyyyy April 5, 2011
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The term used when a bitch usually named Eliana starts ghosting you for no fucking reason when you used to be friends. Usually s/he will have done it to many other of their “friends” before you so it’s not surprising.
“Hey, have you been talking to Hanna?”
“No, she blocked me, fuck that bitch.”
by Haley;2020 October 21, 2018
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fuck a bitch get money
such as the other definition m.o.b money over bitches

fuck bitches get money
so are you still going to come with us to the movies with those hoes

no i cant i have to buy something for my girl

fuck a bitch get money nigga

by stop playing with me bitch April 27, 2008
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ethan: hey shawty baeee <3333

female: you are such a fucking assjhole bitch
by Coronatime.com/yourdad February 11, 2021
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Thug life moment usually said after something you can't do
"I can't tie my shoes but I can fuck your bitch"
by Holdmymuffin January 5, 2015
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