Koyak is a Malay word for "tear" (pulling something apart). Koyak is also used in the context of "triggered" on the internet.
Daniel : "Guys stop disproving my stupid take"

Megumi: Haha, koyak
by Aliksander May 13, 2021
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1. A Malaysian term / slang to describe someone who is hurt after being called out for or made fun of

2. A Malaysian word meaning 'tear'
1. hahaha koyak (hahaha you're hurt)

2. Kertas itu sudah koyak (The paper has been torn)
by 4syr4n May 12, 2021
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mental breakdown. having mental breakdown. can also mean pressured. the state being mental. or can't handle criticism.
Israel koyak after being attacked with social media keyboard warrior in regards to the recent attacks on Palestinians.
by heywasapguys May 12, 2021
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koyak originally meant torn.

When it's referred to people, such as "I'm koyak" means that you are mentally exhausted, spent, and no longer able to continue the task.

If someone says it to you ("you're koyak"), they are expressing their opinion that you seem to be giving up, exhausted and unable to continue.
Israel is koyak after being cyberbullied by Malaysians.
by Boo handler May 12, 2021
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a malay word originally meant torn

can also be used when someone is offended by someone or something
usually said in a mocking tone
"i5r@el koyak because they were bullied by malaysian cyber community"
by broke homie May 17, 2021
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Koyak mean in official language of Malay is tear or tore in english .

But in Malay slang it often being used to describe people who can't handle critism and easily frustrated ,triggered , or currently angry ( hypersensitive , moody , squeamish , angry )

scenario 2 :
Eng : Trump is someone who's easy to koyak over a mere joke .
Malay : Trump dokleh bowok gurau ( Terengannu Slang )
scenario 1 :

John is koyak after being annoyed by people at media social .

scenario 2 :
Trump is someone who's easy to koyak over a mere joke .

scenario 3 :

BIG SMOKE : HAHA , koyak xD
by TrulySadBoi May 16, 2021
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Malay word meaning "torn" or "tear apart"
Usually implied to someone who is being hurt after being teased or being insulted.
The "koyak" word is used in the context of those who are hurt have their nerves as fragile as a tissue, therefore very prone to tear at the slightest touch.
Opposite to those who have nerves of steel, or in Malay "kepala batu" (literally meaning nerves of a rock), e.g. stone headed, unperturbed by even the gravest of insults
Mamat: Muka kau macam babi (you have the countenance of a pig).
Shalom: Bagi tau mak aku! - sambil lari ke rumah, menangis (I'll tell my mom-while running away crying)
Mamat: HAHA! Koyak!
by Ruddu the babi May 18, 2021
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