An amazing person overall. So beautiful and hilarious m, you’ll be bending over laughing in no time! They make the greatest friends because they’re so sweet and they don’t stop thinking about you! Not a person that you want to lose in your life.
- Who’s you’re best friend?
- Megumi, of course. I’ve known her for years, and she’s so sweet!
by BroadwayDreams February 3, 2018
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Almost an Asian stereotype.

A completely funny, weird, artsy, short, outgoing Japanese girl. Beautiful on the inside and out. Strong and independant and smart all around.

Megumis are known for their innocence...

but once in the bed room, they are WILD. Megumis have dark hair and dark eyes and can seduce you with their mischievous smiles. They are giggly in bed but don't let that fool you. They can be tricky in the best of ways.
Guy: Hey, what's your name?
Girl: Megumi, what abou-
-guy is already putting his number in her phone-

Guy 1: Wanna hang out later man?
Guy 2: Nah, I'm gonna be with Megumi
Guy 1: Damn... Megumi is just who I need
Guy 2: Well I'm lucky huh?
by DeeAznGuy November 24, 2012
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A Japanese girl name typically meaning "grace". Often shortened to "Meg" or "Megu-chan" as a term of affection. Pronouced "MAY-goo-me"
Megumi of God.
by McNeen February 3, 2010
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An AMAZING character from food wars. She is so fucking hot, and so mother fucking cute.
by Thatlover November 12, 2020
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honestly, the best supporting character of all time. yeah, you heard me. that was a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT.

he may seem like a cold and emotionless character at first glance, but please consider looking beyond the surface. he's cunning, intelligent, passionate, kind hearted, humble, good looking, and a soft spoken character. but most importantly, he's a selfless individual.

he wants to help people he deems as kind, and that kind people don't deserve to die. yet he doesn't call himself a hero because he thinks putting himself on a pedestal is selfish. what's more, his outlook on a potential significant other is respectful, "if that person has an unshakeable personality, i won't ask for more".

oh, and if looks could kill, nobody would have gotten past episode one of jujutsu kaisen. he has the most wholesome and gorgeous smile that can make any heart flutter. he also has the most beautiful and dreamy eyes of any character out there, with his amazing eyelashes and outlandish hair finishing his overall ethereal look.

he has such amazing attributes that make him who he is. he deserves all the happiness in this world, and so so much more. he's a lovable character that deserves just that: love.

ty for coming to my ted talk <3
"this is megumi fushiguro. he's an amazing character, i mean look at him! isn't he cute?"
"he looks like he stuck a fork in a toaster"
"sir i-"
by mxgumi January 19, 2021
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one of the sexiest anime men in the world, you heard it here folks. he's from the anime jujutsu kaisen and is the edgy side character with black hair and blue eyes. he also gets thrown around like a potato sack... poor man can't catch a break.
Oh my god, it's Fushiguro Megumi!

That guy you're dating?
Well, he doesn't know it yet, but yeah!
by mxgs December 3, 2020
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The Megumi Partical is the theory in which a person (usually a male) believes becoming romantically obsessed with another person (usually a female) in an unhealthy manor will heighten his chances with her. In most cases, the female is unaware of the obsession the male has over her. The symptoms of the Megumi Partical usually include but are not limited to the following:
•Loss of sleep over thinking about her
• Writing poems and letters, then not giving them to her
•Stalking her on social media
•Learning everything you possibly can about her
In all recorded cases of The Megumi Partical, the male has been unsuccessful in his attempts to woo the female.
Guy 1: Dude, I can't stop thinking about *insert name here*

Guy 2: Tell her how you feel man.

Guy 1: Nah, I can't, I'll just stalk her on Facebook and write her poems and have pictures of her on my phone.

Guy 2: Dude, this is a serious case of The Megumi Partical. We need to get you help.
by DefinitelyNotAPedo October 15, 2014
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