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this is a guy that would do anything and everything for his friends or family. very funny without even trying. loves to make others smile and laugh and is very good at it. also very charming. has an amazing smile himself. very atractive. easy guy to be with or talk to. athletic, sarcastic, cunning, playful, and down to earth dude. dosent easily forgive. in fact wouldn't even piss on his enemy if he was burning alive. when you do him wrong your dead to him. knows his prioritys and keeps them number one. never puts himself before otheres. commonly uses the phrases "fo show", and "no big deal". prettty much you would be lucky to meet this guy, let alone be in his life.
whats that bright ass blinding lite? is it the sun?
no thats one of those badass dudes named korry!
by some due in the army February 05, 2010
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