smart one is just a sarcastic way of saying someone is a dumn nut.
"most of my friends are smart ones"...or "man u r such a smart one"
by glonkabletotla June 10, 2009
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Someone who thinks they know everything but knows nothing.A polite way of calling someone a smartass around proper people or company.
Johnny, you are such a smart one. Or ....Nice going smart one.
by swissmocha April 1, 2005
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one who lives in their own universe
so smart it scares him,and everyone else.
by bill fry June 18, 2005
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sarcastically making fun of an idiots mistake. designed to make them feel like shit and make you feel like a bigger, better person
craig: damn it, i just drove my car into a tree!
josh: smart one, dumb one..
by wharfytime April 29, 2010
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He is that one smart kid in my class fr he's next to me in chemistry lmao
I know right? You know that kid? Aedric? Aedric that one smart kid lets gooo dude he is awesome!
by Among us is not in real life September 25, 2023
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