You: You gonna come out and have some drinks tonight?
Me: Oh, fo show!
by Marshow May 15, 2003
Used when you have just accomplished something great.
"Hey Capt. Bucky, good job last friday night!" "Fo Show!!!"
by Cypress, Texas February 28, 2003
Used when in agreement with one of your niggas.
HANNAH S. - "My bitch Michka is so pussy whipped!"
by #5 March 2, 2003
a word usually used for replacing sure or definately, normally introduced by fo meaning "for"
yo dude i'm gonna hit dat, fo show
by SexBomb24 April 3, 2009
when in agreement that michka is the biggest pussy at fair
Justin M. - Michka is the biggest pussy at Cy-Fair.
Acosta - Fo Show!!!!!
by #63 March 4, 2003
agreement of a comment made by a fellow person who actually has a dick.
SHAWN O. - "Man, Acosta is the biggest pussy i know."
EVERYBODY - "FO SHOW!!!! What the hell is a BASH BRO anyway??!!"
by #9 March 3, 2003