In Juice WRLD 's and YoungBoy Never Broke Again's hit song "Bandit", Juice WRLD says :

Aye my girl the definition of a bad bitch, stole her heart

I'm the definition of a bandit
by McTaco_ October 10, 2019
a thief
someone who steals, then rides away
drive by kisses and midnite smooches
by bandit0 September 7, 2005
An aerial radar contact that is confirmed to be hostile.
Bandits! Bandits! 3 o'clock low, Checkerboard Squadron, roll in and engage with AMRAAMs!
by JonathanChance October 6, 2003
Bandit is an operator in the popular video game , Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. He is a well known meme because of his cut scene when you unlock him.
Damn, that guy is such a Bandit, he even did D R U G S
A solid, inexpensive no frills naked street bike from Suzuki with the 1200 being popular with stunt riders. Also comes in a 250 model popular with learners and a mid range 600 that isn't seen so often.

Easy to ride and can be fun for people who aren't race track types or who don't enjoy being hunched over for long periods on a sports bike.

Also a budget option for people who can't afford a Street Triple.
"This wog in a suped up Commodore was over compensating at the lights so I left him in the dust on my Bandit which is worth one tenth what he put into that inefficient penis extension. Ho ho ho."
by Bweahns May 31, 2009