The german version of the word cool.
Du bist knorke (you are knorke) - You are cool
Das ist knorke (thats knorke - Thats cool
by Chaosritter December 5, 2007
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Knorks - Knockers/tits/boobs- breasts

Smitty's concontion
"oi show us ya knorks"
"mad knorks yeah?"
by waade March 21, 2005
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a fork-knife combination so you can cut your food and eat it; the next step in utensil evolution after the spork
Only a retard could cut the side of his mouth with this crappy Taco Bell knork.
by Matt Wirth October 15, 2003
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1. n. The long-awaited hybrid of a knife and a fork. Hypothetical utensil invented by Arbie, Izzy, and the author.

2. n. A nerd/dork of unparalleled, unprecedented, or generally epic proportions.
"Who wah tha genuith who inventedh tha knork? I jus frickin cuh mah ongue off!!"

Kirk: You love me; just admit it.
Marie: Dude what the hell; you're such a knork.
by valkyrie's flight March 5, 2010
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a wonderful device that combines the usefulness of a fork and a knife into one. is a wonderful gift for a recent amputee.
i lost my arm in a tragic marching band accident! knorks saved my life because you can cut food with them using only one hand!
by twotimesfour August 29, 2005
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It is a knife and a fork put into one utensil.
"Hey man, will you pass a knork?"
by noneedtoskeet March 29, 2019
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A miserably executed knock. Knorks are nearly silent and somehow hurt your hand, resulting in eternal shame and embarrasement.
Guy 1:"I was going to meet up with a girl I liked, but I knorked on her door, so now there's no going back for me"
Guy 2:"That sucks man"
by PeePeeAssLauncher January 4, 2019
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