6 definitions by Matt Wirth

the evil feline mastermind behind the terrorist attacks on the Twin Plants on the planet Gunsmoke, believed to be in hiding, but periodically appearing out of nowhere
Forget Vash the Stampede! Kuronekosama bin Laden has a bounty of $$600,000,000,000.08!
by Matt Wirth April 7, 2004
a fork-knife combination so you can cut your food and eat it; the next step in utensil evolution after the spork
Only a retard could cut the side of his mouth with this crappy Taco Bell knork.
by Matt Wirth October 15, 2003
any action or mistake in a film, especially one with a minimal budget, that unintentionally adds to the effect of the film
You know how Kevin Smith shot "Clerks" in black-and-white to keep his budget low, but all the critics thought he intentionally did that to emulate a convenience store security camera? That was pure errspiration.
by Matt Wirth April 2, 2004
incredibly scenic giant hill south of Los Angeles where snobs, wannabe gangbangers and asshole police officers reside, also known as PV
I was arrested in Palos Verdes for driving a '79 Pinto.
by Matt Wirth September 9, 2003
the part of Torrance people think is ghetto because they've never been out of the 310
"My neighbor is so ghetto, dawg."

"Where do you live? East L.A.? Watts?"

"Nah, biz-otch, I represent the Torrance Projects, yo."
by Matt Wirth March 8, 2006
a region of San Pedro where a landslide demolished a road and created jagged jolts overlooking the ocean
I nearly broke my damn neck jumping off of a rock at Sunken City.
by Matt Wirth December 10, 2003