A little small headed fat kid that smells like last weeks dinner
knobbe get your small head back here
by Chris J Joe k September 14, 2006
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A word to describe an individual whos facial features resemble male genitalia and a has personality to match. Typically found in inbred areas such as the black country and Bognor Regis.
Typical Names for such individuals: Timone, Geoff and Rich(most common).
Typical job: Tattooist, Taxidermist and Triangle player.

Warning signs you are meeting a "knobb features":
Over gesticulation from said person and your urge to vomit

Walking into a pub/street/on the bog, "Alrite Knobb Features" then poke and run.

by Dyke_with_a_bite April 13, 2007
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a person who enjoys the art of sucking dick soo much that he/she sneaks a suck while your sleeping.
i woke up with one serious ranger last night. must o been that damn knobb goblin again
by roggy February 16, 2007
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a fine ass drink. knobb creek whiskey, bourbon i might add. plus your standard cola drink. with ice if neccessary.
knobb and coke please.
you got it.
by That Nigga Steve February 9, 2008
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a female or male that enjoys giving oral sex just a little too much
Female1: my boyfriend loves when i go down on him but never does it for me
Female2: so what please your man girl
Female1: but it makes me feel like an every-lasting knobb gobber
by K1D November 23, 2012
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