to cut, pierce or kill with a knife,
A brawl ensued among the friends and he was knived to death.
by uttam maharjan March 25, 2012
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The twin brother of Vash in the series Trigun. Knives is the complete opposite of Vash; Knives is insane and absolutely evil, and hell-bent on obliterating (the remains of) humanity. He also takes pleasure in toying with Vash, as well as Vash's emotions and love for humanity.
"Don't you ever compare me with humans!!"
-young Knives
by Dave June 24, 2004
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Twin Brother of Vash the Stampede.

full name: Million Knives

wishes to kill humans because they use plants to keep themselves alive. believes that his race (plants, you don't believe me? read the manga) is the most superior ever.

kills legato in the manga, but not in the anime.
Legato: (to the Gung-ho guns, talking about Vash) KILL HIM!!!

Knives: Who said you could kill him?!? YOU PIECE OF TRASH!!!

(then he folds legato in half)
by VashtheStampede August 14, 2004
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Dude my ex is being such a knives
by 7Xs December 14, 2010
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When two people sleep with each other, but they are back to back.
Their backs are touching while they are sleeping.
The term "kniving" derived from the terms "spooning" and "forking"
Amber and Becca are kniving tonight because they feel it would be weird to spoon.
by AMBZ/BCKS March 31, 2010
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To put the edges of two old or dull butter knives on the top of a hot stove for a few minutes until extremely hot, and to then pinch small pieces of weed under a cut-out, oversized plastic gallon fruit juice container that has a thick ring of ice/snow inside.
Try kniving. It vaporizes weed and leaves you high as hell!
by jeFFro April 9, 2004
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(noun) A ruthless killer with no simpathies for his enemies; (adj)To be ruthless in a game or when taking lives; (verb)To act completely ruthless and show no emotions when killing of playing a game.
(1)Jovan: Holy! Matt! You came out of nowhere!
Joe: He slaughtered all of us!
Gawain: Owies!
Matt: . . .
Joe: Man, Matt! You are so being Knives this night.
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood April 26, 2004
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