the kmt gc is one of the hardest and most notorious groups of scum in all of lancaster, they do not flinch at torture and should be avoided at all times, well known for doing lines in dallas, the origins of this gang are unknown, but the leaders are suspected to be the chong thief, and a big guy with a abnormally large head, most recently the group was linked with the kidnapping of former associate darcy holmes, who has not been spotted for weeks.
the kmt gc are full of alpha males, apart from olly wilson, he is a schmuck
by j2ketty May 21, 2022
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Kmt I just found out kmt actually means kill me today
by GetBusyy March 4, 2021
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Dropped my sandwich! Kmt ( Jill my tits!)
by Mr slang February 11, 2019
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A discord server full of 12 year old retards and idiots that don't know how to converse or speak properly.
Ew ur a kmt kid KEKW
by whoisyoudwaboutmeiamurfather October 13, 2021
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KMT means Kings Making Trouble

Founders are Quiree Orr and Leonardo Lara
We're in KMT for life
by Quiree Orr April 18, 2022
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