Snorting lines of any powdered drug, typically cocaine. The drug used could also be heroin, oxycodone, meth, adderall, etc.

Typically done with a rolled up dollar bill or straw.
Josh: Why do you have white powder on your nose and a rolled up dollar bill?
Cody: I wast just doing lines of some of the finest coke I have had in years.
by --d..cd0c- January 30, 2015
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Being addicting to Tetris
"Have you seen Joe"
"Yeah, he's been in the toilet for half an hour - I think he's doing lines"
by Gunners2 December 12, 2007
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When you divde the drug Cocaine into even lines with a razor blade and proceed to snort the drug through the nose usually with a rolled bill!
"this is so boring..."
"lets go do some lines."
by XPR April 2, 2004
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To consume an entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, usually very quickly.
Those Thin Mints are so good, I'm gonna do a line after lunch today.
by HappyTexasMom March 18, 2009
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