Kione hes a nice guy who is loyal to his girl and is fine as hell .He is good at sports and some how has enough time to deal with everyone's bullshit.hes good at making friends and keeping but just make sure not to fuck with him.
what up kione you wanna fight ill beat yo ass up.

news: someone was found dead today with several deadly shots to the head.
by thesuperflykilla January 11, 2016
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A kion is a sensitive person and hard to open up at first but when you do they are the best person ever there super unique and make sounds when there shy and usually outgoing once you befriend them they are loyal to you and only you they may not be the most popular or attractive but they have a great heart and are beautiful inside but they can’t see it overall if you find a kion you should try to keep them
by R4wrR4wr June 15, 2020
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There are seven circumstances that all people must meet to become a "Kion". These include:

1.) Being the sexiest man ever alive
2.) Having a Godlike Noik (Kion Backwards)
3.) Being able to speak a diction elevated to the heavens
4.) Kick ass at TF2 or Dota (Or both)
5.) Ladies-man (OOOOOH YEAAAAAH)
6.) Being able to curl at least ten plates on each side
Man that guy meets all of the circumstances.... Hes a motherfucking Kion!

Look at that Noik, he's a Kion alright!
by IdkMaybeLikeMe October 24, 2011
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the ghetto way to spell "Keon" but this Kion is usually for girls who are extremely beautiful & talented & have a big butt
"Yo i wish i was a kion"
by nobitchassness101 August 14, 2011
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1. One of the oldest remaining players in the SLMC. One of the first players on TSL originally from 2005.

2. The Olde One, do not evoke his name, for he slumbers.

3. Actually a pretty nice guy once you get to know him.

4. See also "Kiowned".

5. Responsible for various mischief across Secondlife spanning 10 years or more. Loved by few, liked by many, feared by others.

6. Aka A fucking cat.

7. Aka "Not Kion".
"Dude I just saw Kion on radar."
"You mean *the* Kion? Kion Kuhn??"
"Yeah dude!"
by CoercionCombine November 25, 2018
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House of the forename. is the first name. called the forename. But in definition named in Hope I byde.

House of the second name. is the middle name called the second name. But in definition named esse quam videri.

House of the surname. is the last name called the surname. By father But. In definition named the Ancient Arms of,

House of the surname. is the last name called the surname. By mother. But. In definition named Vincit Qui we vincit
Kion Shariff Fulton Wilson. The Forename House of " In Hope I byde, esse quam videri, the Ancient Arms of, Vincit Qui we vincit " is the surname of house @ IN THE USA.
by Kion Shariff Fulton Wilson, HM December 19, 2020
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Kion Shariff Fulton Wilson supposed by the Better Business Bureau and Swyrich Corporation. 250-75-4843. Medical University of South Carolina, Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical center and Motel 6. as a u.s. military brat and u.s. military dependent. Military cadet ! Lord First Lieutenant & Lord Lieutenant Junior Grade as lord-lieutenant
by Kion Shariff Fulton Wilson January 13, 2023
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