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A combination of bed and bye. Its used when chatting with some online late at night and you are signing off to go to bed.
guy 1: I'm really tired man, I'll talk to you later.

guy 2: Alright, byde.
by kdawg12 April 19, 2010
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The shoot portion of a cannabis plant. Usually smoked in order to catch a buzz. Sometimes eatin. Good bydes have many crystals on the edges and smell like a skunk. Methods of smoking bydes include, bowls, vapes, bybes, jyntes, and blyntes. Good in combination with brynes.
Jaycob smoked lots a bydes and ate five bags of Ruffles.

Shaun lost his bydes and cried.

Marcus packed the bydes and began to rage.

Phill's eyes were so fiery due to extreme bydes intake.

Seth's dad caught him with an ounce of bydes and sent him to his room, he then smoked it all.
by Russel Edge December 21, 2009
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