A very Gay and annoying asian person who clears his throat a lot while trying to get you to do his work for him then complains to management that you aren't doing your job.
That Qui was over here shopping out his work again, we'll be in meetings with HR at the start of the week.
by Stan West August 20, 2004
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No set definition, can mean anything and everything. Often used but not limited a substitute to for a curse word.
Dayum look at her big ol' Quis
What the Qui?!
Qui two one blast off!
by Quing Mustang October 27, 2010
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When your room-mate, best friend, or random stranger asked you to gently rub them using your fingertips or fingernails.
by Taschman January 3, 2013
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Another name for cowlick, or turkeytail.

"Q u sound like quite"
by suzyq84047 March 21, 2018
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It’s a mf bird YALL

You say it like (cuwee cuwee) like fast
Yo look at that qui qui right there
That haircut makin u a qui qui ngl

So I ran over a qui qui the other day
by eat_yo_rice August 2, 2021
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"Hey, your fly's down,"

"Oh, quis!"
by Raymyster September 6, 2003
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