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Fine asf! Can be a great bestfriend, girls usually fall in love with him easily too. At times he can be really really mean but also loving and caring. Not alot scares him and they love to argue. He is the kind of guy you would want to be friends with
by K~Godd May 17, 2018
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Keon is the type of guy who stays to himself. Doesn't trust people that much. Comed off really mean, but when he wants to be he's really sweet😍😁

Such a fuckin sex addict and attracts hella girls.. he's goofy,smart,funny loyal... hes the type of guy girls need in their lives.

He's always there to listen
Girl 1: How's life?
Girl 2: Life is so fucked up,but no one really cares to listen...
Girl 1: Just go to Keon.πŸ’―πŸ˜He'd lidten to whatever you'd have to say. He's so sexc and sweet.
Girl 2:Yeaaaa
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by Twix16 June 10, 2018
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He’s very smart he is a chick magnet he has many friends he loves roasting people he is sensitive he needs lots of love he cares a lot he also is very handsome
I want me a Keon.
by Ms.StealYourMan May 05, 2018
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A word describing the ultimate level of "Cool". It generally describes someone that can look cool in any given situation, even tripping over something and landing bareback on another dude.
Hoyl crap, that dude got shot and just laughed. He is so Keon.
by Archangel_Lost May 02, 2005
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God is Gracious.. King of Kings,sweet understanding,smart, successful,funny and handsome. Ladies love him, guys are true friends to him. Intelligent, has many children and God fearing man. Server and bless by the most High God
by Christian2018 May 30, 2018
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Keon a upsuck douche,bag know it all who likes to roast but usually fails and needs to be comforted to ignore his life of rejections
That nerd in class is such a Keon
by Keon Shaw December 23, 2016
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1.A word used to describe someone with a big head, usually filled with emotions. Can be used to describe a character on Nickelodeon, named Jimmy Neutron.

2. Can be used when someone is being very emotional and takes things "up the ass."

3. A person that lets you use their stuff and take advantage of them without question or becoming mad.
4. Someone who lost a lot of weight.
1. Aha dude look at that keon playing basketball
2.Bro, don't be a keon because i said you eat a lot.
3. Hey that guy is such a keon, I just him on the head and its swelling and i don't think he cares.
4. If you want to be a keon you should sign up at LA Fitness Encino.
by akh joon December 11, 2011
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