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one who has a giant or massive dong that reaches beyond 20 inches. In order to get within 20 feet of king dong you have to have the following requirments:
1. Have a fucking loose ass pussy at least 12 inches in width
2. Can deepthroat a fucking telephone pole
3. last but not least...loves giant horse donkey puff pastry wood.
Christy: guess what leslie...
Leslie : what?
Christy: King dong totally devoured my insides with his massive CAK
by Chase Mclean April 23, 2005
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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1. A man who is more than well endowed. 2. A huge freakin penis!

I.E. Tommy Lee, Ron Jeremy, Long Dong Silver, Jeremy Pipes, Steve-O, John Holmes, Pete Wentz, etc.
Stephanie: Jeremy talked a big game, but when i saw King Dong, I had to do a double take to make sure it was real!!!

Anna: Really, His Dick was that big???
by Hippobear October 28, 2010
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The act in which the male smacks his partner over the head with his "King Dong". This is usually proformed after long tiering sex where the females cunt is hanging low.

(A 10" penis is required for this act that weighs atleast 3lb.)
Beatting your partner down with your penis after sex. Therefore king donging them.
by Miss Histerectamy November 12, 2007
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