In some classic arcade video games such as Donkey Kong and Pac Man, a programming error causes the screen to freeze or act strangely ... this unintended, last, high score-limiting screen is the kill screen.
My PC just froze up ... it's showing the PowerPoint kill screen.
by Marc Gervaise May 31, 2008
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A game over screen that tells users who killed them
Killed by screens be like:
You are now killed by: <KillerStyle>{Killer}</>
You were killed by: <KillerStyle>{Killer}</>
Killed by: <KillerStyle>{Killer}</>
Valorant, Splitgate etc ones be like: (Killed by: Kroneful)/(Kroneful has killed you with Fists!)
Fortnite ones be like: Eliminated by (A (ranged/elite) cube brute/fiend/The Storm)
Shell Shockers ones be like: ProEgg70 has BEATEN you!
Yandere Simulator ones be like: Eliminated by Four Students, Ayano
Phasmophobia ones be like only if they had killed by screens: (You were) killed by: Donna Jones
by JayMoneySpamsL2 December 5, 2021
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