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A small amount. A little bit. Quazi.
"Do you like Jim?"
"well...i kinda like him..."

"I kinda like They Might Be Giants.."
by Brittainy September 17, 2003

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1- A group of the most determined, craziest, loving, hard-working group of individuals you will ever find EVER

2- Marching Band Buss- A place to Make or Break relationships *guilty!!*

3- A relationship with your section, and with the rest of the band

4- a place to be the best
1- SL-When I say Euph, you say num!
SL-When I say Bare, you say phone!

2-Tyler put your pants on!
3-How many beats does a half not get?!
by Brittainy December 03, 2003

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The Pimpest...bestest...awsomest...sexxy....ACK! WE LOVES THEM!
I am the biggest Gianthead EVER
by Brittainy September 21, 2003

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