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A term used to describe when someone is cleaning out their ass/vagina.
"Bye girl, I need to fleet. Can't be out here painting these niggas, sis."
by angeldelmito January 12, 2017
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Whenever making a congratulatory remark, this is what you say. Made popular by Kamala Harris when she and Joe Biden won the presidency.
Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
by Zozogabobo December 04, 2020
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A brand name of enemas...where the term "Fleeting" comes from, regarding colon cleansing.
If you are constipated, you need to go Fleeting, with a Fleet enema.
by Genuine Nerd November 08, 2010
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To excrete one's feces via natural anatomical and physiological bodily functions.
I felt better after I fleeted.

Yesterday, I saw my doctor and we discussed fleeting.

It is important to fleet on a regular basis.
by GIMDpatient July 24, 2006
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honestly has no specific definition but you can use in any way, shape, or form.
Bro last night was so fleet!
Aw nartz, yesterday was so fleet ugh.
by dancingdawg March 17, 2019
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a forward yeet originated by collins key when he threw candy forward randomly in a video
absolutely nobody:
collins key: fleet FLEEEEEET
by youtubenerd101 September 16, 2019
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