A term used to describe when someone is cleaning out their ass/vagina.
"Bye girl, I need to fleet. Can't be out here painting these niggas, sis."
by angeldelmito January 13, 2017
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A brand name of enemas...where the term "Fleeting" comes from, regarding colon cleansing.
If you are constipated, you need to go Fleeting, with a Fleet enema.
by Genuine Nerd November 8, 2010
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a cool person who is incredibly fresh and has people that want to be fly like them

the term was originated in Marcy Projects BK, NYC...
person 1: Yo dat nigga stay shittin on deez bum ass niggas

person2: wrd...dat nigga stay fleet
by Detwyler December 11, 2008
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Fleet is a thing on Twitter that is basically just snap chat so you can share anything you want and then it disappears in 24hours
by Chile-anywaysoo... January 7, 2021
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honestly has no specific definition but you can use in any way, shape, or form.
Bro last night was so fleet!
Aw nartz, yesterday was so fleet ugh.
by dancingdawg March 18, 2019
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I. What this is about
II. Identifying IRL Fleets
III. Size fleets and compositions
IV. God damn Star Wars fleets
V.Composition of Star Wrs Feets in diffrent eras:a)Clone wars

b)Galactic Empire Era

c)Age of The Ressistence Era

I:A fleet represents more ships in one place under the command of one person or more,depending on size

II:Usually u can see fleets in the English Channel,The North Sea and More,These being weaponised with high calibre weapons

III:If you own a country with sea acces,that doesn t have many resources,you should invest in a good size fleet,in case of an foreign attack and I recommend using submarines and Aircraft Carriers

IV:The god damn Star Wars fleets are so cool but they make sense too,like using a Venator(It s a very good carrier)surrounded by Anti air ships like corvettes(with good anti fighter weapons)

V:eras in a nutshell:Age of republic:Cool ass ships

Age of Empire:Cool ass ships

Age of the Ressistence:Weird but cool ass ships
A fleet is big
by Asulsmallpp May 13, 2021
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In fanfiction a certain, usually slash, pairing is referred to as a ship.

Fleet is a natural extension of this, a group of ship sites sharing a single main access site form a Fleet.
The 'Jack Sparrow Fleet'
by illmtl March 15, 2005
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