"hey you have the kilo?"
by lauren August 31, 2003
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one swedish milkpacket
how much is a kilo?
one swedish milkpacket
by mjölkpaketet February 10, 2021
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an axe scent
used in math means 1000
2.2 lbs of cocaine
by ck May 7, 2005
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1. Kilo a bad misspelling for kill

2. A large object that explodes in somebodies asshole
1. Im going to kilo you!

2. I put a kilo up my dogs ass
by Garfielddidntkillhimself April 10, 2022
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Short for the unit of measurement, kilogram(s). Often used in the dealing of drugs to state the amount. Usually used in the dealing of cocaine or other drugs that come in a powdered form.

The plural form is kilos.
"I just bought a kilo of cocaine." (Singular)

"My dealer has 10 kilos waiting for us!" (Plural)
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
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An absolute G that you would never want to mess with that everyone loves to have around.

2.2 pounds of some shit that puts a smile on everyones face =
unwise kid: That kid is an absolute Kilo! He thinks he's such a G tho ima talk to this dude.

wise kid: HA! thats his name first of all and second of all hes 2G4U
by ProDG June 1, 2009
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