If we're not taling computers, then it's got a small k and means a thousand of whatever follows, eg 1 km = 1000 m, 1 kg = 1000 g etc.

If we are talking about computers or other binary systems, then it refers to 1024 times, and it gets a capital K, e.g 1 Kb = 1024 b, 4KB = 4096 B etc.

Honest, confusing but true.
by mistweb October 13, 2003
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a measurement in weight that is equal to 1,000 grams

usually when refering to drugs or narcotics' deals
damn man thats a lot of herb and blow, how much did you cop?

bro i got a connect that hooked it up with a kilo each

holy hell, how much was that?

my guy hooks it up $15,000 a kilo
by HunterWolf August 27, 2009
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A dead dog whom of which was feasted on by coyetes
Hey connor kilo got feasted upon by coyotes.
by micheaedfdjfbbf September 6, 2010
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A former maryland roller blader. Who was one of a few skaters that tore up a a small skating rink in columbia. At that time at the age of 13 he was going to go places until one day he disappered. Years laterat the rink he use to proform, the owner walked in the rink floor and was shocked to see someone wrote on the flooor in bold red paint KILO WAS HERE. Now all over maryland poeple write KILO WAS HERE or KILO IS HERE in bathrooms, pool halls, skate parks and rinks.
by jim hillman September 5, 2006
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Big dick hero,
take your bitches

get them pregnant and give them back..
will beat your ass if you try him
real street nigga

sold drugs all his life
I am a kiloe.
by "loe" December 20, 2016
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a half dead cream and white deerhead chihuahua that has breath like DEATH with one rotten tooth.
Kilo do you want some KIBBLE?
by Angela Leigh July 11, 2008
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The metric version of pounding a female in her most desperate state

AKA: To bang a rebound, no strings, no emotional attachments, just in... and out.
Rodger: "Dang man, Tiffany just broke up with her boyfriend and has been super desperate recently."
Clark: "Wow! Sounds like a KILO opportunity to me"
by Nanreij Haimerek March 1, 2018
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