"kiffe" is used in French as a verb (kiffer, in english to kiffe), as an adjective (kiffant, in english kiffable) and as a noun (kiffe, a kiffe)... or just use it how you want to!

Kiffe comes from an arab word (kef) which means to like, to enjoy, a pleasure... which has been "imported" into France by North African people... and became "kiffe".
It simply means "to really enjoy someone or something!"
e.g: I kiffed that trip!
I would kiffe to meet her;
She really is kiffable
What a kiffe to drive that car!

Because it comes from some sort of French suburb slang (langage des cités), but is now used by everyone (though it is still 'slangish'), you can use it how you want to!

If anyone was wondering how to pronounce it, it sounds the same in english say "keef", like a reef but with a "k" instead!

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1* I kiffe watching 24!
1) I kiffed the party! (the party was awesome)
2) She is really kiffable! (she's beautiful)
3) What a kiffe! (it was so amazing!)
4) I kiffed driving that car (the car was great)
5) It was a real kiffe to stay in this hotel! (I had a great stay)
6) I'd kiffe to go there! (it's like a dream to go there, i'd really enjoy)
7) I didn't kiffe at all meeting that guy, he was so creepy! (i didn't appreciate at all meeting him)
8) I made myself a kiffe buying this 65 inches tv, but it's crap! (i indulged myself the pleasure of buying this tv / I took pleasure in buying this tv (sounds a bit awkward though...)!

by KSC-ONE April 02, 2009
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