Slang or short for the phrase "come here"
"You, c'mere, now."
"Hey, c'mere a minute."
by hairplay May 31, 2006
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Abreviated from "Come Here"

What you say to a girl you've been drinking or smoking with prior to your first attempt to kiss her. It's an attempt to attract her attention and give her an early warning before you swoop in. You'll get an instant reaction to determine if you need to abort that kiss.
"I'm so glad you invited me over for a smoke."
by Cool Hand Duke November 5, 2007
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in the standard irish usage it tends to mean "listen to me" or "i've got something to tell you." often done without wanting a person to approach them in anyway. even used in phone conversations.
can be confusing if someone actually wants you to come closer.
"ah, c'mere, i'll meet you at your house and we can go together."
"c'mere, stop fannying about and c'mere
by kaitey September 8, 2005
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Alternate command by Mortal Kombat character Scorpion when spearing an opponent and yanking them backwards. Used instead of "Get over here" or the less known "Get the fuck over here" or "Get over here bitch!" All voiced by Ed Boon.
Scorpion spears opponent "C'MERE!" uppercuts them.
by RayzorSharp October 19, 2007
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