to stop something from happening; to restrain

to put the kibosh on something
those idiot GOPs put the kibosh on Kerry becoming President
by Companion of Drear November 23, 2004
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To suddenly bring an end to a positive performance or hot streak with a single extremely terrible or series of awful performances, plays, or shots.
Yeah but he'll probably say something stupid and kibosh the whole thing.
by mrbojangals May 28, 2010
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To end a relationship that is not really a relationship
"Max put the kibosh on that"
"I got kiboshed"
by Saashi February 13, 2008
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a threesome involving 2 men and one woman where both men hump the chick at one point or another during the ordeal.
Mike and Jay kiboshed that fat chick last night!
by SAP March 4, 2005
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noun-- the sliding, backhand motion a woman makes as she sweeps a hand across her waist to prevent a male from inserting his hand into her panties; akin to the movement of a hockey goalie making a sweeping, stick or blocker save using a similar motion.

Also may be used as a verb, e.g., to koho kibosh.
Q: (pointing to Peggy Sue in the school cafeteria) Did you hit that shit?

A: Fuck no. I thought I was in there, but then the slippery bitch gave me the koho kibosh.
by D-Tox May 1, 2004
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I hate apples, they are KIBOSH.
The Pucs is KIBOSH, he chokes people.
by Frankie V The Man May 23, 2022
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a part of the human body where the sun doesn't shine, typically the genitals.
hey man, leme see your kibosh.
by matthewthehulk420 September 16, 2021
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