selling way to expensive food to f/suckers who want to buy it.
i didnt get to eat lunch today, because my food stamps ran out and i am hungry now.
by samdog November 16, 2004
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when you wear basketball shorts or other thin bottomwear and sit on the weird ass cafeteria stool things for a while... you get up from the stool and see a little sweat mark left by your nutsack and/or ass, which quickly fades
dude, I was getting up to throw away my shitty ass school lunch and i noticed i made a HUGE School Cafeteria Kiss on the stool thing
by Punchy_207 September 9, 2022
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1. The worst tasting thing on the planet. Possibly came from the depths of hell.

(No organic ingredients used and fresh from a week ago)
by Just a random anonymous person November 19, 2014
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The shittiest of shit. It's either overcooked or undercooked, or just straight up not cooked at all. The despair that fills your face when you take the first bite is masked by the primitive feeling of hunger, forcing you to accept the fateful bite that you take. Tears will stream your face for eating this food, and yet you still eat it, as you have nothing else to survive on.
Dude, the high school cafeteria food in my town makes you shit bricks
by MommyMilkerStan December 15, 2021
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