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Exhibiting ignorant or foolish behavior with regards to un-examined white privilege: actin' like a damn neo-nazi asshole.
It's derived from the 'Blood and Soil' chant; an abbreviation of the word hematochezia shortened to just kez.
"Man, check out that khaki-wearin', Pepe sportin' kez embarrassment over there."
"Did you honestly just say that about immigrants? You're seriously kezzin'!"
"Did you see what that racist senator said? Hey, I've got an idea! Kick him out of office for that kez shit!"
by lessashamed January 17, 2018
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Noun informal

origin Arabic English.

Is a mispronunciation and corruption of the word 'cousin' by those Middle Eastern decent. By referring to a person as 'kez' or 'cousin', the speaker is implying a title and a deal of affection or respect for the person.
Leb1: sup kez, wan 2 go bankz, kez? find sum lowiez n shi?
Leb2: oath, kez!
by Satyamaxu(x) April 04, 2012
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A kez is something a women does such as stringing on a man for a long time and making the man fall in love with her whilst she is with another man but when the first man asks if she is with the secound man she will deny but she really is. Or just a women who said she likes a man but then doesnt give herself to him.
'Look love dont do a kez on me'

'That girl done a kez on me man'

'Leave that girl, shes being a kez'

'Leave her shes doing a kez'
by Naz Salauddin April 30, 2008
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some1 that is a total and complete cock scoff! otherwise know as slacky, he spends most of his spare time having competitions with his mother 2 c who can put more in their ass.
hey slacky, u're ass has fallen out! why is all that cum dripping out of your bum hole!? errrr dont lick it!
by jimmy January 19, 2005
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to eject toxins, minerals, small objects, and any other subspecies of miscellanious origins from the mouth orifice. see vomit.
"oh, dude! you just kezzed on my shirt! AWESOME!"
by Kez Dispenzer May 25, 2006
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